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Documenting Research on the History of Childhood and Education

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Behind the Red Brick Walls: Uncovering the Social Control and Cultural Genocidal Motives Behind Canada’s Residential School System

“Growing Up Progressive?” and Progressive Education?: Reading Analysis #7

The three articles “Selling Progressive Education to Albertans, 1935 – 1953” by Amy von Heyking, “Growing Up Progressive? Part I: Going to Elementary School in 1940s Ontario” and“Growing Up Progressive? Part II : Going to High School in 1950s Ontario”… Continue Reading →

Growing Up Canadian: Citizenship Lessons at School: Reading Analysis #6

The articles “Cadets, Curfews, and Compulsory Schooling: Mobilizing Anglophone Children in WWII Montreal” by Tamara Myers and Mary Anne Poutanen and “The Education of Japanese Children in The British Columbia Interior Housing Settlements During World War Two” by Patricia E…. Continue Reading →

“Healthy” Children and “Healthy” Schools: Reading Analysis #5

The authors Gerald Thomas, Cynthia Comacchio, and Mona Gleason focus their articles on how health experts of the past have defined health standards and what a healthy child should be. An underlying problem that was routinely identified within these articles… Continue Reading →

Separate Childhoods and Indigenous Education: Reading Analysis #4

All three authors, Jean Barman, Helen Raptis, and Paige Raibmon similarly focus their articles on the use of residential schools to reinforce the subordination of Aboriginal peoples through the type and quality of education they received as well as the… Continue Reading →

Radicalized Childhoods and Segregated Schooling: Reading Analysis #3

Despite focusing on different races and different time frames, both articles, “Black Parents Speak: Education in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Canada West” by Claudette Knight and “White Supremacy, Chinese Schooling, and School Segregation in Victoria: The Case of the Chinese Students’ Strike, 1922-1923”… Continue Reading →

Children, Work, and Compulsory Schooling: Reading Analysis #2

Both articles, “Motherhood and Public Schooling in Victorian Toronto” by Christopher Clubine and “The Boys in the Nova Scotia Coal Mines: 1873 and 1923” by Robert McIntosh share the focus on the dependence of child labour and its impact on… Continue Reading →

Understanding Childhood in 19th Century Canada and the Rise of Public Education: Reading Analysis #1

John Bullen’s article Hidden Workers: Child Labour and the Family Economy in Late Nineteenth-Century Urban Ontario provides an insight of how Ontario’s industrial revolution and urbanization affected working class children’s opportunities for personal growth and social mobility. Bullen’s use of… Continue Reading →

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